Welcome to Victoria city

Steampunk Timer is a Dilated Time Tactical Action game that combines classic real time strategy with a roguelite progression and reward system. It takes place in a dystopian Victorian-style city dominated by the uncontrolled use of machines with the capacity to fold time.

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Play the alpha prototype

Tactical action with dilated time strategy

Make use of your time machine and enter in Dilated Time Mode (DTM). It slows down the time around you so you can choose the best tactic to ambush your enemies

Roguelite game system

Choose up to 6 characters in a run, select one of the routes generated after each mission and buy the most suitable improvements for each situation. You will be defeated, but do not despair. In each new beginning, you will be wiser than before

Pixel-art style graphics

Enjoy the pixel-art style of its settings and the fluid animations of its characters, drawn frame-by-frame

Key features

4 Bosses to beat

Complex and spectacular battles that will require preparation and quick reflexes. Too easy? Fight hordes of enemies guarding secret rooms or face the Infinite Basement chalenge.

10 charismatic characters with unique abilities

Choose the Hunter to make quick ambushes, or the Assault to shoot at medium range, but don't forget the Scout to collect and distribute resources among his allies. Combine your characters to create the most fearsome unit in Victoria City.

200+ upgrades and equipment to unlock

Were you planning to send your actors to the dangerous streets without good equipment? Get food rations to unlock gear and upgrades that are only available during the current run. Also, get scrap metal to repair the Railway-Theater to unlock equipment which can appear in your next runs.

50+ destructible scenarios in 15+ different biomes

Clear the street. If you choose to go to the north you will go through that building; if you go south you will reach the port crossing a park. Choose your route in each game and contemplate the beautiful places that Victoria City has prepared for your visual delight. But do me a favor and do not reduce the city to rubble on your way, would you kindly?